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Is this you?

You enjoy the unique, engaging stories, and supporting small, family-owned businesses?
You are curious, love learning about the world and tend towards the social?
Oh, and lastly, you either love wine or in the process of falling deeper in like with it?

If any of these statements having you saying 'yes', we should be your top of mind go-to. Look to us for wine match-making (i.e. buying) and an irreverant look at what is in your glass (aka in-person/virtual workshops).

Feature Wineries

From multi-generation family-owned wineries, either certified organic or practising with a low-intervention mindset, these wines belong on your dinner table (or patio, or back-yard) and in your cellar (or wine fridge, or bedroom closet... we don't judge). Reach out to get in on our upcoming order cycles.

Domaine Sophie Cinier

Enjoy mineral, citrus-rich refined white Burgundies from the celebrated warmth of Mâconnais

Domaine François Millet

Experience the expression of sauvignon blanc and pinot noir from the unique soils of Bue, Sancerre

Domaine André Berthet-Rayne

Escape to the south of France with these rich, multi-layered organic wines from Cairanne and Côtes du Rhones

Artomaña ~ Txakolina

Discover a hidden gem, a fresh, crisp white from the gastronomic paradise of Basque country in Spain

Get To Know Us

Some of my friends have jokingly accused me of starting Gusto Grapes to justify my drinking habits... maybe so. But I also do take this wine stuff pretty seriously. I have studied extensively (George Brown College, WSET 3, Canadian Wine Scholar and French Wine Scholar) and traveled to countless wine regions to learn through immersion. I am an enthusiast, I love to tell stories of the gorgeous stuff in the bottle and can help you understand how best to enjoy it. Speaking of 'it', we have a carefully curated list of 'can't find anywhere else in Ontario' wines made by families who care deeply about what they produce. Please don't hesitate to reach out about how we can work together... either in an experience, or in getting you some of the wine we carry.

~ Jessica Chaikowsky

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