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If you like the unique, the accessible, the classic and yet something on the edge, you're in the right place.  Gusto Grapes represents wineries with history, built by families, by legacies. With traditions come know-how but with evolution comes innovation. We work with women paving a path, with the younger generations stepping into the shoes of their ancestors to respect what has come before. We choose producers who focus on sustainability and evolve with a changing climate and in many respects, a new post-pandemic world.

We like to match-make. And teach. And with enthusiasm, help our clients appreciate what's in their glass.........
Join us on this adventure of history, of place, and of taste.

our valued partners

From multi-generation family-owned wineries, either certified organic or practising with a low-intervention mindset, the wines created by these extraordinary producers belong on your dinner table (or patio, or back-yard) and in your cellar (or wine fridge, or bedroom closet... we don't judge).  


DSCF2535 (2).jpg
Having studied extensively (George Brown College, Somm Factory (CMS), WSET 3, Canadian Wine Scholar and French Wine Scholar) and traveled to countless wine regions to learn through immersion, I finally took the leap and started Gusto Grapes in early 2020 (3 weeks before covid restrictions incidentally). I am an enthusiast, I love to tell stories of the gorgeous stuff in the bottle and can help you understand how best to enjoy it.
Although we have a boutique-sized portfolio of wines we know and deeply love, we have a shopping mall sized list of contacts so if we can help you find something, please ask. We are happy to integrate your favourite wines, preferred regions and styles into just about any format of an event. Imagination (and a licensed facility...sigh), are the only limits.

~ Jessica Chaikowsky

   Owner and Chief Experience Curator

Get Updates...Now and Then

Gosh. We're growing, but slowly. And we haven't gotten to any kind of regular update. So you're safe. Sign up, get the goods, feel us out and if we're too much, just opt out. Oh, that's Ruby the tuxedo wine kitty and her cat dad, Derek who does all of our warehouse pickups and deliveries and puts up with me. I'll share tales of kitty & dad now and then, promise.

Thanks for joining us on the journey. We honestly could not do any of it without you.

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